Our homestead is located in the village of Šeimyniškiai on the banks of the river Šventoji. The mound of Šeimyniškiai is near our house, a small town Užpaliai started its history from this place dating back in IV-VI centuries. We built our homestead from timber and stones wanting to keep the traditions of the ancient architecture and showing respect for the past. On the other hand, having the comfort our guests in mind we combined these materials with the modern facilities.

We offer You the accommodation in a log house with an attic. Four families can be accommodated for peaceful and comfortable rest. Also, fourteen people who are friends or colleagues can be accommodated. There are a spacious dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom on the ground floor. Four bedrooms ( 2 four-bed, 2 double rooms and 1 one-man room) are in the attic. Also, a sitting room is on the top floor together with a bathroom.